Favorites 06/12/2008

   I have a lot of favorite things. Speaking of which, "Favorite Things" is my favorite song in The Sound of Music. My Favorite singers are Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. My favorite game on addictinggames.com is cubefield. Some of my favorite presents(Christmas and Birthday) were a cell phone, a cat, a Nintendo DS, and an i-home 2 go.  My favorite animal is  a chipmunk. My favorite band is the Beatles. I LOVE to write!!!!! My favorite color is green. My favorite day of the week is (probably) Friday. I really like when people leave me comments. My favorite instrument is the piano. If I had my own laptop(which I will have) I will write, and write, and write all day long.  I love to go tubing on my friends boat. When I turn eighteen, the political party I will join is Green My favorite lettering is bubble letters. My favorite soda is orange soda. My favorite book is The Star Spangled Secret. My favorite friend's web page is www.nerdyhippie.weebly.com. If you share any of my interests, TELL ME!

Friends 06/11/2008

   I have some good, bad, and in between friends. One of my friends can be kind of annoying at times, but she is a really good friend usually. Another friend/peer can think she is all that, but she can be fun when it is just us. Another friend-like person can be amazingly bratty, but she is really nice and fun when she isn't impressing anyone. So, what do you think about my description about these people? Which ones do you think are good friends, and which ones do you think are bad friends? You can leave me a reply (by clicking on the Comments button in the corner) telling me if you want a better description of any of them, I will answer/add what you ask about on my site. I hope you leave me some comments!   

Hobbies 06/10/2008

       I like to do a lot of things(school is not one of them). I LOVE to write, I will update my site with some of the things I've written... if I feel good enough about them. I like to swim (on a team), play basketball (on a team), wall ball (with friends), dodge-ball (at school), lacrosse (sometimes), and volleyball (with friends). Reading isn't really my thing (unless I find a really good book), neither is soccer...anymore (I used to play on a team). I like to work on my website, play on the internet, and hang with friends. This summer I am (hopefully) going to volunteer at  the SPCA, an animal shelter, or a vets office. I can't wait until the summer of 2008!!!!!!


    I'm Alli

     I am a radical dudet who loves to say "cool beanz!"


    My Life And Everything In It


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