The Weekly Poll 06/20/2008

   So what I have decided to do is I will have two or three questions a week. You can give your reply to which you like best, then I will put the number of votes beside each one of the choices. Every Sunday, I will give a topic of the poll, then you people can suggest a question! Next week's topic has to with Clothing. I will keep track of which choice won.  Please vote soon! 

What time do enjoy the beach best? What body of water is your fav?
-morning                                               -lake: freshwater
-midday                                                -river: saltwater
-sunset                                                 -stream: freshwater
-evening                                               -ocean: saltwater

Winners:) 06/20/2008

  Here I will record the winning choice of each question in The Weekly Poll. This week's winners are:
Q: Which party theme do you like best?
W: Haloween
Q: When is your birthday?
W: Spring (most common)

Q:Which animal suits you best?
W:dolphin, happy and carefree

Q:Which do you like best?
W:shopping for your pet

Q: Who is your favorite singer?
W: Bruce Springstein
Q: Which is your favorite instrument?
W: Piano  
(Q stands for question, W stands for winner)

   I also might put up some Contests, if you enter the Contest and I choose what entered then you could win a prize from me me. So on my Contests page, enter your entry and if I think it is good enough. . . you may be chosen to win a prize:) Please enter soon!